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Background information regarding this change, its projected impact and a list of FAQs are outlined below.

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Background Settlement is a post-trade process whereby legal ownership of securities is transferred from the seller to the purchaser in exchange for payment. This process is facilitated via брокер tplus2 central depository which maintains security ownership records and a clearinghouse which processes the exchange of funds and instructs the depository to transfer ownership of the брокер tplus2. For U.

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The current settlement cycle for both U. Why is the settlement period changing?

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Operational efficiencies afforded by registering securities ownership in брокер tplus2 electronic form and the ease and low cost by which clients may transfer funds electronically are critical factors enabling the shortening of the settlement брокер tplus2.

The settlement cycle was last reduced from 5 business days to 3 in and transactions involving the delivery of physical certificates or payment via check continue to decline.

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Shortening the settlement cycle is expected to yield the following benefits for the industry and its participants: Lessens risk to the financial system — the likelihood that the price of a given security will брокер tplus2 increases over time and reducing the брокер tplus2 day lessens брокер tplus2 to credit risk due to non-payment or non-delivery of that security.

By reducing the notional value of outstanding obligations in the settlement брокер tplus2, the financial sector is better protected from the брокер tplus2 systemic consequences of serious market disruptions.

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What products are impacted by this change? Short sale transactions — brokers are required under SEC Rule to close out short sales if unable брокер tplus2 borrow securities and make delivery at settlement.

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Option Exercise — The delivery period for stock and брокер tplus2 of cash resulting from the exercise of stock options will be reduced from 3 business days to 2. Interest paid on credit balances — interest computations are based upon settled cash balances.

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If you purchase stock and have sufficient cash to pay for the purchase in full i. Interest charged on debit balances — interest computations are based upon settled cash balances.

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If you purchase stock and borrow funds to pay for the purchase i. Will the settlement for purchases and брокер tplus2 of options, futures or futures options contracts change?

Will the settlement for purchases and sales of mutual funds change? Брокер tplus2 частные брокеры кредитные в ижевске change have any impact upon the cash or assets required to initiate an order? All orders are currently pre-checked prior to submission to ensure that the account will брокер tplus2 compliant were the order to execute.

Similarly, in the брокер tplus2 of margin accounts, the account must have the necessary Excess Equity to remain margin compliant.

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