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    In order to submit your complaint, you should include details and any supporting documentation about the matter using the online form.

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    Handling the Complaint Once we have received your complaint, the Company will research and investigate the claim to the fullest extent possible in order to make a final decision.

    The final decision will be communicated to you upon completion of our investigation or three 3 months from the date you submitted your complaint, whichever is sooner.

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    In certain circumstances, a representative of the Company may contact you via phone in order to collect additional information or to номер телефона ооо онлайн трейдинг certain points. If the Company is unable to provide you a final decision within two 2 months, it will send you a holding letter that updates you on the current status of the investigation and establishes a new deadline for company to a final decision.

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    The Company shall consider your complaint as closed within three 3 months of the submission date if it is unable to reach you or you fail to provide responses in a timely matter. When we reach an outcome, we will inform номер телефона ооо онлайн трейдинг of it together with an explanation of our positions and any remedy measures we intend to take if applicable.