2–6 November, 2015
The Sixth Conference of the States Parties
to the United Nations Convention against Corruption

St. Petersburg

About Russia


Russia (the Russian Federation) is a democratic, federal, rule-of-law state with a republican form of government, located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Russia is the largest country in the world and ranks ninth in terms of population. 
Russia’s population is 146,267,288 (2015) and its territory covers an area of 17,125,407 km².
The Head of State is the President. In May 2012, Vladimir Putin became President of the Russian Federation.
Russia is a semi-federal republic. It has 85 constituent entities.       
Capital: Moscow.    
Official language: Russian. 
Time: Russia is divided into nine time zones. Moscow and St. Petersburg are located in the third time zone (UTC (SU) +3) of the Russian Federation’s national time scale. 
The national currency is the Russian rouble. 1 rouble = 100 kopecks. Payments in Russia can only be made in roubles. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks. Almost all restaurants and shops accept credit cards.   
  • The dialling code for Russia is +7 
  • Moscow area code: 095, 495
  • St.Petersburg area code: 812
  • Universal emergency number: 112